In love with Vienna ♥

Hello guys!!!

It’s me again!! I didn’t know there was so much to do before university. I was so busy these past days. I moved into a dorm, bought stuff for my new room and of course checked out the things to do in my university city – Vienna.

I’ve never been to Vienna before and it was one place I had always wanted to visit.

Vienna is the capital of Austria and it was chosen as the world’s best city to live in for SEVEN times in a row!!! – And I can guarantee you, it is totally TRUE!! (Maybe not THE best, but definitely one of the best places in the world!)

I’ve been in Vienna for approximately one month now (it feels like years though) and I have already completely fallen in love with this city. The buildings are beautiful, there are lots of cafés and delicious pastries. The weather is really nice and the atmosphere is lovely.

Vienna is a perfect mixture of modernity, nature and culture. There are so many beautiful attractions and places, which I want to share with you. So now I will stop talking and show you pictures of this incredible city!! I hope you will like them!


Since there is too much to see in Vienna, in this post I’ll show you photos from Schönberg Palace (“Schloss Schönbrunn”) which is an attraction you MUST see!! It is really beautiful and dreamy. And I will share more lovely pictures of Vienna in future blog posts. 


18 thoughts on “In love with Vienna ♥

    1. Yeah, Vienna is really beautiful!! You definitely have to come here!! Let me know when you do, so I can recommend you some places and things to do! 🙂
      I’m really glad that I’m studying here.

      Thank you! xx

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